Career management is an afterthought for most professionals. At best, we spend very little time thinking about it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we believe our current employer has some responsibility to us in this area. Understanding we are solely responsible for managing our careers is half the battle.

Part of making good decisions relating to your career comes from understanding what type of employment market your specific profession is currently in (conditions are constantly changing, by the way). This is where an experienced, tenured executive search firm can really provide value. We spend each and every day in your niche talking to its playmakers. Compiling the valuable information we gain as a team gives our individual executive recruiters access to data that can assist you with the critical questions you face while managing your career: Is my current career path on the right track? Which company will best support my values and career needs? What is considered fair compensation for someone with my skillset and experience?

Consider reaching out to one of our team members for a confidential conversation so you can make the most impactful career management decisions.

When you partner with Novum Group, it’s not about just filling a human capital need. Our goal is to become an extension of your human resources, marketing, brand development, and talent acquisition efforts. As your partner, we provide market analysis that will not only help you acquire talent, but will also help you limit the amount of regretted attrition within your company or department. We consider ourselves to be “experts in engagement”, which gives you the ability to create a “candidate experience” that positions you above your competition when trying to attract top talent.

We aren’t trying to replace what you do to find the best talent; only enhance what you are already doing. Internal referrals, job postings, and internal databases gives you access to the majority of potential candidates in any market. What we do is fill in the gaps that are between those recruiting mediums giving you access to a pool of talent you otherwise do not have access to. We believe this provides our clients with a higher level of certainty that they are talking to the best candidates available in the market.

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